Meet The Owner!

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The Owner...

Coyote Ridge is the vision of Gillian Cheek. She has built many successful businesses and has been a Small Business Consultant for many more. Coyote Ridge is going to be her legacy! She built a bakery from the ground up and in a short time became Nationally and Internationally recognized for her over-the-top sculpted cakes! Even adding Food Network to her "As Seen On" list. She retired her bakery at its peak to spend more time with her young kids. Now that they are older, she has decided to launch her next dream! She has come out of retirement and is bringing her friends with her! She is not only doing cakes, but she is also putting all her skills together in one business! She has assembled a team of maters of their own trade to bring you Coyote Ridge! She is excited to see where this new business venture will take her and her family. When she is not in the kitchen, you can find her outside with her kids, either fishing, hiking hunting or playing with their many farm animals!

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Coyote Ridge is always looking for hardworking event staff! Each event is never the same, so it is always something exciting and new! Mostly evening and weekend hours are a must! If you are interested in joining our team, please e-mail us your resume!